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Bubble Crush is a healthy beverage brand, and it is founded since 2017. Bubble Crush represents the ancient tea culture, and weare committed to building a bridge between life and tea. What we have been doing is to let more people have the opportunity to appreciate the true taste of nature and the charm of oriental culture through tea, so as to make life better due to tea. Bubble Crush had the honor of hosting the filming of the TV series Married to Medicine, and also local magazine Voyagela interviewed us which greatly increased our influence in Los Angeles.

We think Bubble Crush is the best tea, because we have strict requirements on the quality of the tea. We have strict control over the tea picking process. The founder of Bubble Crush had visited the original planting area of the tea. He went up the mountain to learn the tea making methods from tea farmers and how to grow tea. We only use fresh tea, which can make our tea taste great and fragrant. It usually leaves a bright and lively aftertaste. We also use special packaging materials to maintain its taste, so that every cup of tea has perfect quality. We keep the most natural flavors while making beverages, including fresh tea, fresh milk, and real fruits, which make our beverages very popular.





In addition to the strict requirements for drinks, we are also very strict requirements for services. This is not only will we make our customers like our drinks, but also let them feel our patience in making drinks and let them experience the history and culture of milk tea. We encourage every customer to visit Bubble Crush which would let them deeply feel the power from Bubble Crush and the charm of traditional culture of tea.

Bubble crush has an excellent pursuit of beverage quality. We believe that our tea is an attitude to life. We promise if you find out you don't like the one you order, we would give you another new drink for free through the BUBBLE CRUSH ATM. Our drink ceylon milk tea with boba is a legendary beverage in Asia, and also it is the most popular drink in Bubble Crush. It has a smooth taste and is made by ten steps. Every cup of tea we make has a standardized manual process, which can help us strictly control taste changes and make our tea more stable and competitive. 

We love milk tea culture. Spreading Asian tea culture to the world is our starting point for every cup of tea. For us, milk tea is not only a drink for us, but also an art and culture. We look forward to provide you with a fun, creative and energetic experience. We hope Bubble Crush will be a ship that connects the East and the West. Bubble Crush is committed to making people feel the beauty and comfort of life. We will make every customer happy because everyone is important to us. We always know that you will feel the sense of enjoyment and living the moment while we serve you!